The Bloomington Babysitting Co-op was started more than 50 years ago as a way to help parents who do not have family close by they can lean on to help out with short term child care assistance.

11059489_980381608691618_5380155346281473565_n1.pngSince that time, the Co-op has grown and expanded, evolved and changed, but one thing remains the same. It is still a group of trusted families that parents can turn to without having to pay for a babysitter or impose on family members.

The Co-op is limited to just 30 families and our members use the Co-op in many different ways. ¬†From enjoying a much needed ‘date night’, to just being able to run to the store or get a hair cut without worrying about taking “helping hands” with them, the Co-op provides a worry free service for all members.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Co-op or if openings are available, please Contact Us.

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